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Providing professional services for public cloud platforms, focused on security and cost optimization.

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Our Mission

Our cloud engineers will work together with you to make sure your team will be practicing on the implemented solution, and make sure it fits your business & technology demand.

Our Expertise



Security & SecDevOps

We provide our customers with tailor-made security solutions from top vendors


Cloud migration 

We provide cloud migration and cloud-enabling solutions for our customers with special attention to security & cost-efficiency.


Cloud Architect 

Will work with your technology team in order to find the optimal architecture tailor-made to your production needs


Cost Opt. & FinOps

Our analyst will work with your technology and finance governance teams to meet your organization's P&L.


Our Goal

As experts, we start with the customer and work backward. We work vigorously to earn and keep our customer trust. We pay attention to competitors, we obsess over customers.

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Our Customers

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Eyal Knaan


 “I  found  Kirill as a professional and partner that fun to work with. Kirill provides us with professional service and response and provided results shortly after the project began.”


Haim Baron


“Cloudride has supported us in building a robust and flexible IoT solution that is ready to scale as our business expands. We have come to trust and rely on their Cloudride professionalism for AWS architecture.”


Dotan Asselmann

Co-Founder & CEO

 “The collaboration with Cloudride helped speed Theator’s time to market with the security audits as well as new Theator services.”


Miki Schnarch


”Cloudride experts acknowledge our company's infrastructure development process and architect a solution tailor-made for our needs. Their work was a crucial milestone that enabled us to scale our engineering teams and systems  in step with our rapid growth.”


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Our Latest Blog


Automated Security In the AWS Cloud

25 Feb, 2021

Amid Covid19 pandemic, and even prior, it seems as though cloud computing has become common grounds for companies of various fields, types and sizes, from small startups to enterprises - everyone is migrating to the cloud.

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2021 Cloud Security Threats

03 Feb, 2021

The worldwide pandemic has hugely affected businesses, the biggest challenge being the need for telecommuting. Numerous organizations have moved to the cloud much faster, and in many cases, this implies that the best security controls have not been implemented. Herein is an overview of the cloud security threats that may be identified as problematic in the upcoming months.

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CI/CD as a Service: 10 Solutions for Continuous Integration and Delivery in the Cloud

07 Jan, 2021

CI/CD and the cloud are like peas in a pod. The cloud eliminates the agony of introducing and keeping up actual servers. CI/CD automates much of the functions in building, testing, and deploying code. So why not join them and eliminate sweated labor in one go? There are many CI services, and they all do the same things from a theoretical perspective. They start with a rundown of tasks like building or testing. And when you submit your code lines, the tools work through the list until they run into errors. If there are no errors, both IT and developers are happy.

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