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Providing professional services for public cloud platforms, focused on security and cost optimisation. 

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Our Mission

Our cloud experts will work together with you to make sure your team will be practicing on the implemented solution, and make sure it fits your business and technology demand.


Our Expertise


Security & SecDevOps

We provide our customers with tailor-made security solutions from top vendor

Cloud migration 

We provide cloud migration and cloud-enabling solutions for our customers with special attention to security & cost-efficiency.

Cloud Architect 

Will work with your technology team in order to find the optimal architecture tailor-made to your production needs

Cost Opt. & FinOps

Our analyst will work with your technology and finance governance teams to meet your organization's P&L.

Our Goal

As experts, we start with the customer and work backward. we work vigorously to earn and keep our customer trust. We pay attention to competitors, we obsess over customers.

Our Customers

Kioxia 100X100
Accelario 100X100
Tag 100X100
mesh 100X100
tufin 100X100
odix 100X100
Radware 100X100
CET 100X100
novos 100X100


Eyal Knaan


"I was surprised by the amount of traffic we were able to pass if we were limited in the past without knowing how much. With CloudRide's solution, we were able to provide continuous fast traffic and a larger number of users, especially during this time that all the studies went to video."


Haim Baron


“Cloudride has supported us in building a robust and flexible IoT solution that is ready to scale as our business expands. We have come to trust and rely on their Cloudride professionalism for AWS architecture.”


Dotan Asselmann

Co-Fouder &CEO

“The collaboration with Cloudride helped speed Theator’s time to market with the security audits as well as new Theator services.”


Miki Schnarch


”Cloudride experts acknowledge our company's infrastructure development process and architect a solution tailor-made for our needs. Their work was a crucial milestone that enabled us to scale our engineering teams and systems in step with our rapid growth.”


6 Steps to a successful cloud migration

24 May, 2020

There are infinite opportunities for improving performance and productivity on the cloud. Cloud migration is a process that makes your infrastructure conformable to your modern business environment. It is a chance to cut costs, tap into scalability, agility, and faster time to market. Even so, if not done right, cloud migration can produce the opposite results. 

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AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP | Detailed Comparison

08 May, 2020

Self-hosted cloud infrastructure comes with many constraints, from costs to scalability, and businesses worldwide are making the switch to public and multi-cloud configurations. The top cloud providers in the market, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, provide full infrastructural support plus security and maintenance. But how do these cloud services compare to each other? Let's investigate. 

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Kubernetes Security 1O1

30 Apr, 2020

Kubernetes is a popular orchestration platform for multi-cloud applications that need to be deployed with versatile scalability. The adoption of cloud Kubernetes services has been steadily increasing over the past few years. But as more companies implement open source software, security emerges as a critical point of interest.

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