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Every industry brings along with it a specific context, challenges, and requirements for cloud implementation. We'll build and manage an optimal cloud infrastructure for your product and service that will reflect the success of the business and the customer satisfaction.

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Healthcare organizations face challenges that weren’t conceivable at the onset of the internet age. HIPAA regulations, increasing client IT expectations, and the need for airtight cybersecurity put immense pressure on in-house IT departments – stretching budgets to the breaking point. Cloudride’s team of experts will tailor a healthcare cloud security plan that aligns with industry requirements and provides you with a competitive advantage. Securing your healthcare cloud ecosystems is critical to passing HIPAA regulations.




Cloud computing has permeated every facet of our society, including our schools, but do not fret if you’re wondering how to leverage the technology. Our team can help educational institutions of all sizes utilize the cloud in the most efficient way possible. Whether you already have a cloud strategy in place, or you are exploring migration to a cloud environment, Cloudride has the resources and technical expertise to provide a solution that meets the needs of educators, students, and IT personnel.




High-tech companies, including SaaS companies, are turning to Cloudride for end-to-end cloud solutions that increase productivity and profit while maintaining necessary compliance regulations. The level at which your company operates and the high expectations that you have of your vendors, make Cloudride the ideal partner for your cloud solutions. 



Media & Internet

Cloudride’s Media solutions empower media organizations with best-in-class user experience over any platform. Media Organizations are choosing Cloudride to help them improve their media operations by eliminating waste, improving operational deficiencies, and allowing companies to focus on delivering exceptional service to their end-user. 


Media and enternet


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Aviel Dahan

Global IT Director

"Cloudride gives you the feeling that they are really willing to go above and beyond. They are driven by providing value and results and are simply willing to take those extra steps that differentiate between a supplier and a partner"


Dotan Asselmann

Co-Founder & CEO

 “The collaboration with Cloudride helped speed Theator’s time to market with the security audits as well as new Theator services.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 112059-3-1

Oded Har-Tal


"The process was a great time-saving experience. For us to take something solid to the council for approval was a pain-free process, and I look back at it and think that the selection of the IT Policy system was absolutely the right call on our behalf. A new era. Whatever digital future demands, we will keep developing the right solutions for our customers."


Eyal Knaan


 “I  found  Kirill as a professional and partner that fun to work with. Kirill provides us with professional service and response and provided results shortly after the project began.”


Haim Baron


“Cloudride has supported us in building a robust and flexible IoT solution that is ready to scale as our business expands. We have come to trust and rely on their Cloudride professionalism for AWS architecture.”

Kioxia 100X100

Miki Schnarch


”Cloudride experts acknowledge our company's infrastructure development process and architect a solution tailor-made for our needs. Their work was a crucial milestone that enabled us to scale our engineering teams and systems  in step with our rapid growth.”