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Nov 13, 2023 3:39:19 PM by Danny Lev-ran

AWS Partner Cloudride’s Strategic Guide to Cloud Migration 101

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Businesses can choose between a private cloud and public cloud strategies. The choice largely depends on factors such as the specific applications, allocated budget, business needs, and team expertise.

The public cloud grants you access to a wide-range of resources such as storage, infrastructure and servers. The provider operating the physical hardware and offers it to companies based on their needs. Amazon Web Services is the most popular public cloud vendor to date, offering the worlds’ most reliable, flexible and secure public cloud infrastructure alongside the best support led by the “AWS Customer Obsession” strategy.


The Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

Here are some of the many benefits shifting to a public cloud may hold: 

Driving Innovation

One of the greatest advantages of starting the cloud journey is innovation driven by cost savings, resiliency and TCO.

Challenging the traditional IT way-of-thinking, test environments can be launched and dropped in a matter of minutes, allowing true agile, commitment-free experiments and at minimal expense. AWS calls this concept “Failing Fast”.

As a result, you can drive innovation faster without buying the excess compute power needed.

Scalability and Flexibility

Key business outcomes depend on scalability and flexibility.  However, sometimes it's difficult to know whether the business should scale or be agile. Unfortunately, if changes aren’t made at the right time, the business’s performance could be drastically impacted.

The cloud can be a game-changer when it comes to scalability. You can reduce or expand operations quickly without being held down by infrastructure constraints. That means that in the face of supply and demand changes, you can quickly pivot to capitalize on the tide. Because the changes are automated and handled on the provider’s end, all it takes to save or provision additional resources is a few clicks of the button.

Business Governance

Today, companies gather large amounts of data and rely on cloud-based tools to analyze and mine insights from it. These efforts are primary to understanding business processes, forecasting market trends, and influencing customer behaviors.

AWS offers numerous tools allowing data-driven decisions to be made. Utilization of technologies such as Generative AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have been made accessible for mainstream organization whom previously lacked the ability to adopt a higher form of  Data Analysis.


The Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner

Expertise and Cost-Effective Solutions

AWS partners stand out as experts, offering unparalleled expertise in concepts such as cloud database migration. Vetted and verified by Amazon, these partners possess the skills to develop tailored solutions, among them migration strategies that align with specific business needs. They excel in identifying cost-effective solutions for AWS cloud migration, ensuring the efficient allocation of resources. This strategic planning leads to significant cost savings by the end of the migration process, optimizing your investment in cloud technology.

Risk Management and Strategic Business Transformation

Collaborating with these experienced partners also means minimizing risks and avoiding downtime during the migration. Their expertise allows them to skillfully navigate challenges and obstacles, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud. This partnership is not just about moving to the cloud; it's about transforming your business to leverage the full spectrum of AWS capabilities. This includes enhanced data security, scalability, and agility.


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