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May 15, 2022 10:42:24 PM by Danny Lev-ran

Cloudride Exhibiting at the AWS Summit Tel Aviv 2022

AWS, AWS Summit

The AWS Summit is coming to Tel Aviv on May 18, 2022. The event brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. Attendees will participate in the latest technical sessions with industry-leading speakers, hands-on use-cases, training sessions, and more.

Cloudride is excited to be exhibiting at this year's event!

Join us at our booth #8B, where we will demo Cloudride’s wide array of services and capabilities and discuss how to maximize your cloud performance, while maximizing cost control, and scalable agility.

2022 AWS Summit Agenda

The AWS summit includes a keynote to the Global Vice President of the AWS S3 team, followed by breakout sessions targeted at beginners, mid-level, or advanced users. This year's topics cover everything from AWS products and services to building and deploying infrastructure and applications on the cloud. So, whether your organization is well along its journey to the cloud or just beginning one, there's something for everyone at these events!

Cloudride will be exhibiting in booth 8b, showcasing our migration management services and tools that help companies optimize costs and performance in the cloud faster.

Cloudride is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and an APN Launchpad Member. We are excited to be attending the 2022 AWS Summit in Tel Aviv. If you're planning on attending this event and want to set up a meeting with us at our booth, please reach out here!

The Cloudride team has extensive experience helping startups, SMB’s and enterprises maximize & optimize their use of cloud infrastructure, whether they're just getting started with cloud migration or seeking ways to more effectively leverage the capabilities of their cloud platforms.


Let's Show You How We Migrate and Optimize Your Cloud Environment 

Cloudride solutions and services include cloud migration and environment optimization.


Our expert engineers can help companies develop a migration strategy, assess their application portfolio, design a target cloud architecture, perform the actual migration and make sure everything works as expected in the new environment.

Our ready-to-use services are designed to assist our customers at every step of their transformation, from developing a roadmap to executing the migration strategy. They were created for companies that need an experienced partner for their digital transformation journey. We can help you learn how to execute your strategy and create new business models in the cloud era by transforming your infrastructure and operations and accelerating your innovation.

Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS)

Our company provides comprehensive solutions for migrating entire application portfolios or individual workloads to the public clouds. In addition, Cloudride offers full suit CMaaS for managing cloud infrastructure and reducing operational costs.

DevOps as a Service

At Cloudride we specialize in Planning, building, and automating complex, large-scale, distributed systems on public cloud platforms. As such, we are happy to invite you to one of our focus tracks - "Infrastructure at Scale" that covers continuous deployment and integration, microservice architecture, data analytics, and server-less applications.

Environment optimization 

Our award-winning solutions provide easy ways to optimize cloud environment usage, ensure compliance and improve productivity. These benefits help our clients accelerate their digital transformation efforts while reducing costs associated with managing and maintaining on-premises infrastructure.


Cloudride is excited to share our expertise on cloud security, especially regarding securing data across multiple clouds and hybrid environments. We'll be discussing how organizations can better manage their multi-cloud strategy by leveraging a common security posture throughout their entire environment—including public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-premises data centers.

Whether your organization uses 10 or 10,000 accounts, we can help you maintain consistent security and compliance policies throughout.

We can't wait to talk with you at the conference!

We are excited to meet those of you who haven't already had the pleasure of working with us. If you are one of our existing clients, just come by for a coffee!

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the conference! It is a great event that brings together thousands of people and allows them to collaborate on some amazing projects across the AWS ecosystem! Here’s a signup link 



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