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Feb 14, 2024 10:54:36 AM by Guy Rotem

IPv6 Adoption & Cost Optimization: Cloudride, Your Key to the Future.

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The digital landscape today is highly dynamic, making the need for a robust communication infrastructure more crucial if you want to stay competitive. One of the essential frameworks that support communication infrastructure is the Internet Protocol (IP), a set of standards used to address and route data over the Internet. The IP address is a unique identifier assigned to devices connected to a network, enabling them to send and receive data. 

IPv4 is the most widely used version and has been the backbone of internet addressing. However, due to the depletion of available addresses following massive internet growth, there is an on-going deployment of the newer standard, IPv6. On the heels of IPv4 address exhaustion, many companies and organizations are making the shift to IPv6, which offers unlimited address space, among other benefits.

The Big Update

In light of these developments, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced a new charge for public IPv4 addresses starting February 1, 2024. Up until now, the service provider only charged IPv4 public addresses when not attached to a virtual server within the AWS cloud (EC2 instance). Under the new policy, a fee of $0.005 per hour will apply to all public IPv4 addresses, whether active or not, across all AWS services.

With this new policy, AWS is looking to encourage users to adopt IPv6 into their infrastructure. As an AWS partner, Cloudride aims to be at the forefront of this change, helping our clients adopt the latest IP standard. Cloudride is also helping businesses create effective IPv6 implementation strategies, ensuring a seamless transition from IPv4. Our services aim to mitigate the financial implications of AWS's new charging policy.

Understanding AWS's New IPv4 Charging Policy

AWS's policy change has a global impact, applying to all its services utilizing public IPv4 addresses in all regions. The $0.005/hour charge may seem low, but for large-scale business operations, the cumulative effect is significant. Even for small businesses, it can translate to a considerable increase in monthly expenses, affecting the bottom line. 

The policy change highlights a shift in operational cost dynamics for many businesses. As such, a strategic usage of IP solutions and a reassessment of IT budgets is necessary. Overall, AWS’s new policy highlights the importance of incorporating a FinOps strategy for such developments.

AWS offers a free tier option to cushion the blow despite the push towards an upgrade. This includes 750 hours of free public IPv4 addresses for the first 12 months. This option offers businesses a temporary solution, affording them time to adapt to the policy change and the space to transition to IPv6.

The Push Towards IPv6: An Opportunity for Modernization

IPv6 has a number of notable advantages over IPv4, with scalability being the primary one. IPv6 utilizes 128-bit addresses, allowing for a larger address space with a theoretical 340 undecillion addresses (3.4 by 1038), while IPv4 offers about 4.29 billion (232) unique addresses. IPv6 also provides other technical benefits. IPv6 has enhanced security features, including built-in network layer security. It also facilitates more efficient routing with packet fragmentation. 

In addition, IPv6 has an inherent Quality of Service (QoS) feature that filters and differentiates data packets. This capability allows to prioritize traffic and helps control congestion, bandwidth, and packet loss. Furthermore, network administration becomes easier with IPv6, as it enables stateless address auto-configuration. This grants you better control over your scaling operations, making network resource management much more effective.

The Drive for IPv6 Adoption and Network Modernization

The scarcity and rising acquisition costs of IPv4 addresses is what drove AWS into implementing this new policy. The cloud service provider is pushing its users towards IPv6 to mitigate these costs. AWS states that the policy change seeks to encourage users to re-evaluate their usage of IPv4 addresses and consider the move to IPv6.  

Adopting IPv6 is an important step in future-proofing your network infrastructure. With networking technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, IoT, and M2M (machine-to-machine) communication seeing increased proliferation, IPv6 offers a flexible approach to network communication. 

Future-Proofing and Operational Efficiency with IPv6

All  things considered, upgrading to the latest IP version protects your investment, ensuring your infrastructure is ready for future technological advancements and innovations. Not to mention, avoid time-consuming and costly migrations in the future under time pressure. In addition to being economical, it improves operational efficiencies by laying a foundation for future rolled out improved services.  

Another benefit of IPv6 is enabling devices to update servers continuously which improves performance, reliability, and mobility. As such, collaboration and mobility and services dealing with these issues will be easier to develop and deploy, increasing employee productivity. Lastly, newer devices’ default will be IPv6 by default, allowing you to implement a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) strategy into your network. 

How Cloudride Can Help

  1. Smooth transition to IPv6

    Cloudride is a leading provider of consultancy and implementation planning services for cloud environments and service providers. Our team comprises experts in cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure and can help formulate and implement a migration roadmap to IPv6.  We work with your in-house IT team to analyze your use cases and evaluate your network capabilities. This helps us determine and plan the most appropriate transition strategy that suits your business demands.

    Cloudride takes over and handles all the technical aspects of the transition to the newer network communication standard. Our cloud engineers are well trained and experienced in cloud architecture and transition technologies. Our expertise ensures a smooth and seamless transition with minimal disruption to your business operations.


  2. AWS Cost Optimization with FinOps Services

    AWS’s new IPv4 charges add to your overall cloud expenses. As such, it’s crucial that you reassess your business’s cloud cost management practices to mitigate these and other costs. 

    Cloudride’s FinOps services aim to help you implement best practices regarding budgeting and optimizing your cloud computing costs from both a financial and technical perspective. We work collaboratively with our customers to bring together IT, business, and finance professionals to control cloud expenses. Our FinOps services encompass:
    ☁︎ Reviewing and optimizing cloud deployments
    ☁︎ Monitoring workloads
    ☁︎ Finding and eliminating underutilized or abandoned cloud resources
    ☁︎ Linking cloud costs to business goals 

    We provide best-in-class professional managed services for public cloud platforms, including AWS. The primary focus of our services is security and cost optimization. 

    Our experts employ a variety of tools to conduct comprehensive cost analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. These critical services help optimize your cloud expenditure by identifying key areas where you can make cost savings.

Leveraging Cloudride’s Expertise for Strategic Advantage

As a business or organization, it’s important to carefully plan and execute the migration to IPv6 cost-efficiently with minimum impact on your operations. Enlisting the services of a professional services company is crucial if you seek a successful transition. A strategic partner to advise and guide you on all aspects of the move is an invaluable asset. 

A professional service provider can also help you with ongoing maintenance of a cost-efficient cloud environment once you transition to IPv6. Cloudride specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive cost-saving strategies for our clients.

Start Your IPv6 Journey Now

Overall, deploying IPv6 in your enterprise networks can offer your business a competitive edge, among other operational benefits. AWS’s new charges for public IPv4 addresses necessitate both small and large businesses to accelerate IPv6 adoption and implement a proper cost-management strategy. Professional services can help your business make a successful transition to IPv6 and optimize your cloud computing costs. 

Here is where Cloudride comes in. As a specialist in managed cloud services, we help businesses make hassle-free transitions through tailored migration and technical support. Our FinOps experts also help you navigate cloud cost-management and on-going optimization following the transition.

Feel free to contact Cloudride today and book a meeting with one of our experts. We are looking forward to helping you maximize the efficiency of your network infrastructure and AWS expenditure.


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