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Sep 7, 2023 1:07:28 PM by Uri Teva

Guide for migration or upgrade to more secure version of Server

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Microsoft's announcement made it clear - it’s coming, the deadline is here and your organization has to prepare for it, Windows 2012 R2 is about to be retired and no future support or updates will be released starting October 10th 2023.

The ramifications of not preparing for this momentous event could be costly, but don’t be discouraged, we got you covered by preparing a quick preparation guide for those who either forgot or postponed the task to the very last moment.  


As mentioned, the end of extended support (EOS) for Windows Server 2012 means no more security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft. In simpler terms, it's a significant risk for data security, compliance, and system performance. Whether you're a business leader or a technology decision-maker, understanding the implications and planning a migration or upgrade is crucial.

Step-by-Step Explanation

  1. Conduct an Inventory Audit: Know your assets. Identify all servers running Windows Server 2012 in your organization.
  2. Assess Dependencies and Workloads: Categorize the workloads and assess dependencies to make informed decisions about compatibility and migration paths.
  3. Choose a Migration Path: Options include:
    - In-place upgrade
    - Migration to a newer version
    - Cloud migration to services like AWS, Azure, or others
  4. Test the Migration: Never proceed without testing the migration process to ensure data integrity and application compatibility.
  5. Perform the Migration: You may do this yourself, use automated tools, or engage experts for the migration process.
  6. Validate and Optimize: Once migrated, ensure all systems are operational, secure, and optimized for performance.

Leverage AWS

AWS offers a range of options to make your migration process efficient and secure. Here are some key takeaways:

  1. AWS Migration Hub: Consolidate migration tracking, making the overall process easier to manage.

  2. AWS Server Migration Service: Automate, schedule, and track server migrations to reduce downtime and errors.

  3. AWS License Manager: Simplify license management and compliance.

  4. AWS Managed Services: These manage and automate common activities such as patch management, change requests, and monitoring, allowing you to focus on your business.

Conclusion: Future-Proofing with Cloudride

The end of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is a critical event that presents both challenges and opportunities. While migration may seem daunting, it's also a chance to modernize your infrastructure. Partnering with experts like Cloudride can smooth this transition. Cloudride offers extensive AWS expertise and a variety of services, such as:

- Cloud Readiness Assessment: Evaluate how prepared your organization is for the cloud.

- Security & Compliance: Ensure your migration meets all regulatory requirements.

- Cost Management: Help your organization understand the cost implications of moving to the cloud and optimize resources.

Facing the end of support for Windows Server 2012 doesn't have to be a crisis. With proper planning, expert support, and the right cloud solutions, it can be an opportunity for digital transformation. The clock is ticking, but the time to act is now.




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