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Feb 23, 2023 4:56:12 PM by Nir Peleg

FinOps on the way vol. 2

FinOps & Cost Opt., saving plans




From $3K to $51... Big yes!

This time I will share How we reduced cloud costs from $3K to $51 in a month of 1 service without harming the functionality of the application.

Background: The organization is a middle business size with multiple finance services, working with cities' payment systems and other national services. Using global developers as well as local ones.

They were using Amazon MQ for a while in 2 accounts: production & development.

Amazon MQ is a managed Message broker that allows software systems, to communicate and exchange information.

The Av. Daily cost for amazon MQ was $105.



So, what did we do?

  1. We mapped the use of the service and found out that there is a broker running in the prod environment and 2 bigger brokers running in the Dev environment, which was weird.
  2. We started to buy and downsize one of the Dev brokers and monitor if it had an impact on the activity.
  3. We continue to downsize the Dev brokers and changed the type of machine till we got to a t3.micro.
  4. We did the same with the Prod brokers.

In the end the Av. The daily cost for amazon MQ was $1.65.


It turns out that there was no need for the brokers the organization was using.

We handed up reducing the MQ costs from $3K to $51 a month. Meaning the company paid thousands of $ to AWS, for no reason, over the years.

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