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Aug 3, 2021 9:45:02 AM by ohad shushan

Five Reasons Why Educational Institutions Are Moving to AWS

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Cloud migration has increased steadily over the last few years as K–12 schools and colleges, and universities realized the cost benefits and flexibility of virtual workspaces. However, 2020 saw an unprecedented shift to the cloud in both higher education and K–12 learning as the coronavirus pandemic forced virtual learning to the forefront.

As K–12 schools and colleges, and universities make complex decisions around future technology needs, many administrators look to the cloud for answers. This article identifies the five top motivators that are driving institutions to embrace the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud—not just as an emergency solution but as a long-term answer to ongoing student and staff needs. Real-world implementations are included to exemplify how AWS Education Competency Partners can give schools fast, flexible access to the cloud.

Top Five Motivators

1. Cost Savings

With shrinking government funding, enrollment pressure, and unplanned costs, budgets are an ongoing concern for both K–12 school districts and higher education institutions. Schools are looking for the most cost-effective technology solutions. Today, technology needs to do more and cost less, be more flexible, and scale easily. The AWS Cloud offers scalability and pay-as-you-go opportunities that make it simple for schools to quickly and efficiently adjust costs based on budget restrictions and shifting priorities.

2. Data Insights

Increasingly, institutional leadership is recognizing that making smart, efficient decisions requires having access to the right data in real-time. Data lakes and simple-to-use data visualization tools are essential not only for making decisions but also for communicating those decisions effectively with communities and stakeholders.

3. Innovation

A key differentiator for the cloud is innovation. Schools want the flexibility to explore and experiment with new systems in a way that is simple and cost-adaptive, and AWS answers the call. During the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation has become an even higher priority as schools realized they could no longer rely on traditional systems or delivery methods used during in-person instruction. From enabling small-group discussions to handing back grades on tests, administrators needed innovations to empower teachers and professors to move their entire teaching model online.

4. Workplace Flexibility and Security

The role of schools and higher education institutions goes way beyond teaching, and non-teaching staff also need support. In 2020, schools started looking for ways to make it easier for staff to work from home—and for systems that work securely on any home device at any time. Migrating to the AWS Cloud brings greater workplace flexibility. App streaming and virtual desktops allow employees to use the applications they need on their home devices without compromising security.

5. Learning Continuity

After a lengthy school shutdown, staff, teachers, and administrators have one goal in mind: to maintain learning continuity. To do so, schools need to provide students with the resources they need to thrive, including accessible systems that allow students to leverage their own devices for use at home. Leveraging AWS Cloud technology like Amazon AppStream 2.0 enables learning to continue through any emergency and gives students equal access to the tools they need to thrive.

A Long-Term Solution

Many K–12 schools and colleges, and universities have migrated to the cloud in 2020 to respond to the crisis, but the benefits of AWS extend well beyond the current pandemic. The scalability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation of the AWS Cloud that has been a lifesaver during COVID-19 will continue to be relevant as schools and higher education institutions face a fundamental shift in their approach to education. Tapping an AWS Education Competency Partner helps schools get there faster and more efficiently, helping to make sure that they are leveraging every advantage that the cloud has to offer.

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