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Jan 24, 2022 4:14:27 PM by Yura Vasilevitski

How Cloud Computing Has Changed the World of Games and Gaming

Cloud Computing, Gaming

Technological innovations are constantly evolving. Cloud computing is now crucial in a fast-paced world to be able to keep up with market demands. In particular, the online entertainment sector has needed to change its concepts: accessibility at any time and from any place has become the priority for gaming and gambling platforms.

Both for the most classic video games and online casino platforms, the advent of Cloud Computing, a real revolution for the entire gaming world, impacts the sector's evolution. Cloud computing is nothing more than a remote server made available by a supplier via the internet, in which software and hardware resources of various kinds can be loaded. The user, usually upon subscription, has access to an ample virtual space, which allows overcoming the physical and memory limitations of a classic hard disk.

Improved gaming experience

Cloud computing has many benefits for players, especially gamers who are looking for an immersive experience. It's easier to store different saves of games. Players don't have to worry about losing their progress because cloud saves can be restored at any time.

Once you understand cloud technology, it becomes easy to understand the concept of cloud gaming: the loading of entire video games on a virtual server that players can access at any time. Various platforms already use the service. It aims to replace the various hardware components of PCs and consoles, improving performance and eliminating the need for a powerful physical medium that processes information. A step that could be no small feat if we consider the increasing heaviness of games on a graphic level and beyond.

Statistical predictions

An exciting innovation such as data modeling can be developed through cloud computing. It is mainly used in the economic field to predict trends thanks to statistical and historical data and finds applications in the gambling sector.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the Gambling Commission has designed data modeling to predict lottery sales over the next three years. Building models is costly, but the advent of data modeling will allow you to work without fainting too much and, above all, recording significant economic savings.

In the field of gambling, data modeling allows the development of a game that approaches a user's needs to satisfy him in all his requests. In this sense, a company that is making great strides is Betfair, which has launched the Betfair Predictions program. The system allows players to create their betting and horse racing models and is enjoying considerable success.

Virtual reality

Also worth noting is the novelty of Loot Box's virtual reality. The developed model aims to decrease the difference between video games and games of chance through a fusion in which the user can bet while playing actual gameplay. This revolution aims to bring the experience that is lived inside a casino directly to the home of those who play.

Efficiency in development

Cloud computing is beneficial for game developers because they can develop games more quickly, and they don't need to worry about the hardware that their game will be played on.

Last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that it would be launching its cloud-based game service - AWS GameLift. With AWS GameLift, developers can focus on their games rather than spending time and resources on managing their own servers.

Theoretically, you don't need to buy any equipment or hire expensive staff to run your game development project with cloud computing services. You just need a good internet connection, and then you can start playing with cloud gaming software!

Live to stream

AWS powers cost-effective and low latency live streaming, now available on all major platforms, including Twitch and YouTube Gaming. This has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years as people can stream their games and play with others online. The world of games and gaming will continue to evolve and change as we rely more heavily on cloud computing than ever before.

In nutshell

Modern gaming as we know it would be impossible without the Cloud. Cloud gaming services are cheaper than most consoles, more scalable, don't require expensive hardware, can be accessed by almost anyone with a decent internet connection, and play games with graphics that are at least on par with what consoles can offer.

A game's progress is saved in the Cloud, so you never have to worry about losing your data again. They also allow for cross-platform multiplayer, so you can play against or team up with other players on any platform of your choice.

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