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Mar 18, 2020 9:56:27 PM by Kirill Morozov

ISO/IEC 27701 Privacy Information Management System


ISO/IEC 27701 PIMS aligns with a wide range of data protection regimes. Implementing the privacy information and management system requirements can help organizations accelerate or automatically achieve compliance with GDPR, the DBA 2018, California Consumer Privacy Act, among other data protection regulations for cloud operations.

ISO 27701 details the specific requirements and outlines guidelines for creating, implementing, managing, and enhancing your PIMS in the cloud environment. This information system privacy and data safety standard borrows heavily from the controls and objectives of ISO 27001.

The new standard outlines the policies and processes for capturing personal data, ensuring integrity, achieving accountability, safeguarding confidentiality, and guaranteeing the availability of the same data at all times. The new standards create a convenient integration point for cloud security and data protection by establishing a uniform framework for handling personal data for both data controllers and processors.

Data safety and security on the cloud often become precarious because the data is located in multiple locations across the globe. Some of the data safety and security challenges for businesses on the cloud include:

  • Hard to prove vendor compliance with data privacy policies.
  • It is not very easy to know who has access to your data on the vendors’ end.
  • Hard to prove fair, lawful and transparent handling of data in the cloud.
  • Too many data security and privacy regulations at a given time.
  • Technical challenges in security and data safety, systems and processes.
  • Expensive audit processes for each regulation.

The ISO 27701 certification has operational advantages that businesses can leverage to solve these security and data privacy concerns. This is a certifiable standard by independent auditors and can, therefore, attest to a business’s compliance with a full set of cloud security regulations.


Summary of requirements for ISO/IEC 27701 certification

  • Identifying internal and external issues that threaten data privacy and security.
  • Leadership participation in data privacy policy creation, implementation, and documentation.
  • Information security risk assessments.
  • Employee awareness and communication.
  • Operationalization of a broad set of technical controls for secure cloud architecture.
  • Continuous testing.
  • Constant improvement.

The ISO 27701 reconciles contrasting privacy regulatory requirements. It may also help businesses work on a single standard at home and abroad. While GDPR and DBA are regional-specific, ISO offers an opportunity for worldwide adoption and adherence to data protection principles that are key to all cloud operations.

Additionally, PIMS provides customers the blueprint for attaining compliance with new data privacy regulations fast and cost-effectively. The ISO/IEC 27701 certification eliminates the need for further audits and certifications for new data laws. That can be crucial in complex supply chain relationships, especially where there is a cross-border movement of data.

In January, Azure became the first US Cloud provider to achieve certification for ISO/IEC 27701 as a data processor. The certification conducted through a third party and independent audit confirms the cloud provider’s reliable set of management and operational controls in personal data security, privacy, and safety.

Apart from being the first cloud provider to obtain the ISO/IEC 27701 certification, Azure is also the first in the US to attain compliance with EU Model Contract Clauses. The cloud provider is also the first to extend the GDPR compliance requirements to its customers across the world.

One of the critical requirements for data security and safety in the cloud for all regulations is that businesses work with a compliant vendor. Azure customers can get to build upon Microsoft’s certification and compliance score to speed up their process of compliance with all major global privacy regulations.


At Cloudride LTD, we provide hands-on professional cloud services for MS AZURE, AWS, and GCP and other independent software vendors. Our engineers are experts in global security and privacy policies and compliance requirements, helping you choose and implement the best solution for your business needs with the most cost-effective compliance to regulatory policies.




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