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Jan 23, 2020 4:52:21 PM by ohad shushan

Taking the cloud workload security off your mind

Cloud Security

As much as cloud environments come with their perks; High speed, effective collaborations, cost-saving, mobility and reliability, they do have their share of challenges, cloud security being one of the most prominent ones.


What is cloud security?

Cloud security refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilized to protect data, applications, services, and the associated architecture of cloud infrastructure. When companies are looking to migrate all or part of their operations to the cloud environment, they encounter the inevitable matter of security: “Does the cloud environment make our company extra susceptible to cyber attacks? Will we have in place measures to prevent and handle such cyber attacks? What's the best way to implement cloud security for our organizational needs?” are only some of the questions facing every CIO, IT manager or CTO when considering their cloud architecture.



How cloud security risks can affect your business

When a security breach happens in your company you might be quick to point a finger at hackers.

“We were hacked!”

Yes, you might be hacked but your employees play a part in the breach of data. They might not have knowingly given out information to hackers but inadvertently contributed to the breach.

Promiscuous permissions are the #1 threat to computing workloads hosted on the public cloud. Public cloud environments make it very easy to grant extensive permissions, and very difficult to keep track of them. As a result, cloud workloads are vulnerable to data breaches, account compromise and resource exploitation.


Once you realise this, it is too late.

With cloud security, you have to be proactive, not reactive.


How can you stay ahead in cloud security?

This basically means being able to identify threats and devising measures to prevent any attacks before they happen.

Cloud security done right ensures various layers of infrastructure controls, such as safety, consistency, continuity, availability and regulatory compliance to your cloud based assets.

Measures you can take include traffic monitoring, intrusion detection, identity management and many more according to your security needs.

All this can be time-consuming and requires skills and knowledge to effectively set in place the needed protective measures.

That’s where Cloudride steps in, providing you with tailored cloud service solutions for your organizational needs.

Driven by market best practices approach and uncompromised security awareness, Cloudride’s team of experts works together with you to make sure all your company needs are met. Cloudride provides cloud migration and cloud-enabling solutions, with special attention to security, cost efficiency and vendor best practices.

With promiscuous permissions being the number one threat to computing workloads hosted on the public cloud, Cloudride recently announced it has partnered with Radware, a globally leading provider of centralized visibility and control over large numbers of cloud-hosted workloads, that helps security administrators quickly understand where the attack is taking place and what assets are under threat. Cloudride’s partnership with Radware will now enable Cloudride customers to benefit from agentless, cloud-native solutions for comprehensive protection of AWS assets, to protect both the overall security posture of cloud environments, as well as protect individual cloud

Taking cloud security off your mind so you can focus on streamlining business processes.


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