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Dec 13, 2023 3:44:30 PM by Shira Teller

Secure Your Infrastructure: Blend of Public Cloud & On-Prem Solutions

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Leveraging technical expertise to integrate public cloud services into on-premise infrastructure remains essential for enhancing overall security. The intersection of public cloud and on-premise infrastructure offers increased scaling agility and cost-effectiveness, allowing organizations to seamlessly bridge the gap between their existing environment and the boundless potential of the cloud.

Join us in exploring an understanding of hybrid cloud solutions that provides the necessary tools for success in the evolving digital landscape.


Disaster Preparedness

The essence of modern disaster readiness, commonly referred to as Disaster Recovery (DR), lies in cloud agility. This approach allows organizations to rapidly respond to evolving cyber challenges. IT teams, leveraging the public cloud's built-in auto-scaling and deployment capabilities, can proactively address potential disruptions. Such adaptability not only improves incident management but also transforms it into actionable strategies to effectively tackle new challenges.

Easy data backups in the cloud ensure operational continuity, even during on-premise failures. The hybrid model, which combines cloud and on-premise solutions, facilitates continuous data synchronization and backup, significantly reducing the risk of concurrent data loss. In high-load scenarios, cloud-based disaster recovery solutions offer rapid scalability, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and maintaining system resilience.


Data Residency Requirements

Utilizing the localized presence of public cloud data centers enables enterprises to store data in compliance with local regulations. This strategy not only prevents legal complications but also aligns with broader data management goals.

Carefully selecting regionally aligned cloud data centers is crucial for proper compliance with AWS’s data residency requirement of 100 km while integrating on-premises infrastructure with public cloud solutions. This consideration ensures adherence to specific regional regulatory requirements and enhances the overall effectiveness of the hybrid cloud strategy.

AWS outsourcing simplifies integration and compliance for on-premises exchange. AWS Local Zones or Wavelength provide ultra-low latency and proximity to end-users concerning data privacy laws. Additionally, AWS Global Accelerator enhances network traffic routing by directing requests within a specified range.


Cost Efficiency and Security

Cloud on-demand is the epitome of resource optimization, blending security with cost-effectiveness. By utilizing only what is necessary, organizations can save costs and minimize their attack surface. Scalable resources on demand bolster company security and encourage responsible operation.

Businesses benefit from cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3, paying only for the storage they use, thereby reducing expenses. This on-demand model minimizes initial costs and offers flexibility in managing dynamic storage needs.

Rapid infrastructure scalability is achievable with on-demand EC2 instances during critical events. This approach is more cost-effective and agile compared to traditional infrastructure scaling, enhancing security against potential risks of over-provisioning.


Precision in RTO/RPO

AWS's flexible control over backups and recovery points helps prevent significant data loss during disruptions. This capability ensures swift response and recovery, aligning with stringent recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) of many organizations.

Cloud redundancy and failovers enhance the accuracy of these objectives. Additionally, cloud-native security tools improve threat detection and mitigation, offering comprehensive end-to-end security. The combination of on-premise and public cloud resources delivers sophisticated IT security, optimizing RTO/RPO reliability.


Strengthening Data Availability and Redundancy

Public cloud solutions enhance on-prem infrastructure by leveraging geolocation to increase redundancy. The global distribution of cloud data centers supports disaster recovery through geodiversity. Distributing data across multiple sites bolsters resistance to regional threats and cybersecurity.

The redundancy capacities of the cloud, including automatic failover and backup services, ensure secure and available data. Geographic dispersion of cloud resources enables organizations to mitigate local failures and outages. The strategic combination of geo and disaster recovery locations enhances risk management, creating a robust synergy between on-premises and cloud infrastructure.


Hybrid as a Gateway to Cloud Migrations

For organizations deeply rooted in on-premises setups, adopting a hybrid approach is an effective way to enhance IT security. This method allows for a gradual, staged migration of workloads, ensuring proper safeguards during integration. 

Public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), offer enhanced security features, including IAM, encryption, and threat detection, contributing to an overall defense strategy. By commencing with less critical workloads, you can confidently learn the ropes of cloud security in a controlled environment, building trust before migrating core data. This iterative approach ensures continuous security improvement while mitigating compliance challenges through manageable steps.

Iterative security improvements ensure compliance with evolving requirements and address specific challenges of on-prem infrastructure through a staged approach.   


What's Next?

As organizations increasingly recognize the need to fortify their predominantly on-premise infrastructures, Cloudride stands as a trusted ally in this transition. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating public cloud solutions into existing on-premise setups, thereby enhancing security and operational efficiency. We offer customized solutions that cater specifically to the unique challenges of on-premise environments.

Reach out to us to discover how we can help bolster the resilience and security of your infrastructure with our specialized hybrid cloud approach.


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