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Apr 13, 2022 9:17:51 PM by Yura Vasilevitski

Server-Less AWS – Making Developers' Life Easy In 2022

Cloud Computing, Server-Less

Serverless computing is a cloud model where customers do not have to think about servers. In the server-less model, the cloud provider fully manages the servers, and the customer only pays for the resources used by their application. AWS Serverless computing takes care of all the operational tasks of provisioning, configuring, scaling, and managing servers.

What is serverless?

Serverless is an architectural style that allows developers to focus on writing code instead of worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Serverless computing comes in two different flavors:

Backend as a service (BaaS) offers pre-built cloud-based functions that developers can use to build applications without configuring servers or hosting them on their own hardware.

Function as a service (FaaS) provides developers a way to build and run event-driven functions within stateless containers that a third party fully manages.

Serverless computing applies to any compute workload. It works well for applications with a variable workload or needs to scale up or down quickly and independently from other applications running in the same environment.

Why go serverless?

Serverless eliminates the need to provision or manage infrastructure. You upload your code to AWS Lambda, and the service will run it for you.

The service scales your application dynamically by running code in response to each trigger. You pay only for what you use, with no minimum fees and automatic scaling, so you save money.

Here are some of the benefits of using Server-Less architecture:

Cost-Effective: When you use a serverless application, you don't need to manage it. It automatically scales with the number of events. You can pay only for the resources used by your application.

Focus On Core Business: Serverless architecture allows you to focus on your core business logic without worrying about infrastructure details or other technical issues.

Ease of Development: You no longer have to worry about infrastructure management, as you do not need to create or maintain any servers

How AWS Server-less Makes Developer's Life Easy In 2022

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda helps build backend applications and scalable server implementations, triggered by numerous events that sometimes occur all at once. One could use AWS Lambda to build in-depth applications as well as powerful servers not only quickly but also easily – adding new products and services with simple voice commands from Alexa!

AWS Lambda runs your code on a compute infrastructure and does all of the administration of the compute resources, including both server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and automatic scaling, logging and code monitoring.

AWS Lambda supports up to 10 GB ephemeral storage

 In addition to the 512 MB of memory and 100 ms of execution time previously offered, AWS Lambda now offers 1.5 GB of memory and 300 ms of execution time at no additional cost. You can now create functions that require up to 3,008 MB of memory and up to 5 minutes of execution time for a fraction of the price previously offered.

Ephemeral storage is temporary storage used for testing and short-time processing. It is suitable for workloads that require temporary storage with low latency. Amazon Redshift Serverless - run analytics without managing infrastructure.

Amazon Redshift Serverless

A few years ago, AWS introduced Amazon Redshift, an easy-to-use, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. It delivers faster performance than other data warehouses using machine learning, column storage, and parallel query execution on a high-performance disk.

Now, you can have the same performance as Redshift at a fraction of the cost with no infrastructure to manage and pay only for what you use with Amazon Redshift Serverless.

Amazon Redshift Serverless automatically starts, scales, and shuts down your data warehouse cluster while charging you on a per-second basis for as long as your queries run. Redshift Serverless provides simplicity and flexibility with no upfront costs, enabling you to pay only for what you use during interactive query sessions.

Serverless application repository

Amazon has developed a new repository for serverless applications called AWS Serverless Application Repository. It offers a collection of serverless application components that developers can use to build and deploy their apps quickly.

AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) extends AWS CloudFormation, infrastructure, as a code service that allows you to model your application resources using a simple text file.

SAM makes it easy to define the resources needed by your application in a simple, declarative format. It also provides a simplified syntax for expressing functions and APIs, defines the mapping between API requests and function invocations, and handles deployment details such as resource provisioning and access policy creation.

AWS serverless has made servers unnecessary and effectively uses the capacity and power available on cloud computing systems. With Server-less developing applications, the development process becomes much faster as developers don't need to worry about setting up a server, configuration, and functionalities.

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