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Jul 27, 2023 2:39:48 PM by Ronen Amity

Strengthen Your Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud security remains a major concern for companies worldwide. A survey by Checkpoint shows that 76 % of companies are in the direct line of attack from cloud-native threats.  

To address these concerns and propose solutions and best practices for optimal cloud security, Cloudride is excited, in collaboration with Skyhawk security, to host a comprehensive webinar on cloud security – Cloud breach prevention

Industry leaders, security analysts, IT experts, and DevOps professionals are invited to attend. The discussion will center on the current challenges in cloud security, why the risks are growing, and the best practices for breach prevention.

The Need for Optimal Approaches

As attractive as the cloud is, it presents new types of risks. Business leaders are today pondering whether cloud providers can guarantee protection for their sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulations.

Today cloud-free organizations are virtually non-existent. Even the most sensitive data resides in the cloud. But companies are as exposed as ever to sophisticated cyber threats, highlighting the need for professionals in this field to update their knowledge and tools to safeguard cloud assets continually.

The bottom line is that you are responsible for your security in the private cloud, and even though this responsibility is shared between you and the provider in the public cloud, the buck stops with you. 

By attending this webinar, you can gain the insights needed to safeguard your organization against the ever-evolving threats lurking in the cloud.

Current Challenges in the Cloud Security Scene

We believe that today CIOs must adopt risk-management approaches tailored to their organizational needs and that can optimize the economic gains from cloud solutions. To thrive in the cloud, data breaches, unauthorized access, and compliance requirements are just a few issues businesses must address today. 

The webinar will define the best cybersecurity policies and controls and provide a configuration reference for ensuring your systems run safely and economically. We will help you understand your environment so you can proactively implement robust security measures and protect your critical assets.

Common Types of Threats in the Cloud

The cloud environment is vulnerable to various threats, including malware attacks, account hijacking, and insider threats. 

Identity and Access

Cloud data protection starts and concludes with access control. Today, most attackers pose as authorized users, which helps them avoid detection for a long time. Cloud security teams must continually verify employee identity and implement robust access controls, including zero trust and two-factor authentication.

Insecure interfaces

APIs may carry vulnerabilities from misconfiguration, incorrect code, or insufficient authentication, which can expose your entire cloud environment to malicious activity. Companies must employ optimized change control approaches, API attack surface analysis, and threat monitoring to reduce the risk of this threat.


Incorrect computing asset setup can expose them to internal or external malicious activity. And because of automated CI-CD process misconfigurations and the security risks they pose can get quickly deployed and affect all assets. Security teams must improve their system knowledge and understanding of security settings to prevent such misconfigurations.

Lack of cloud security architecture

Cloud security professionals often grapple with a crucial decision: determining the optimal blend of default controls provided by the cloud vendor, enhanced controls available through premium services, and third-party security solutions that align with their unique risk profile.

An organization's risk profile can vary significantly at the granular application level. Such intricate considerations arise due to the ever-evolving landscape of emerging threats, adding complexity to safeguarding cloud environments.


Best Practices for Breach Prevention

Breach prevention is at the forefront of every security professional's mind. In our webinar, we will explore strategies and techniques to prevent breaches, including:

Understand Own Responsibility for Your Cloud Security

The cloud provider is only partly responsible for some aspects of your IT security. But a significant percentage of cloud security responsibility rests with you. The cloud provider will provide documentation listing your responsibilities and theirs regarding crucial deployments. It is critical to review their policies to understand what you need to do as an organization regarding cloud security.

Identity and Access Management 

Deploy an  IAM strategy for defining and enforcing critical access policies based on the principle of least privilege. Everything must be guided by role-based access control, and further, using multi-factor authentication (MFA) can safeguard your system and assets from entry by malicious actors.

Employee Training 

Employees must have skills and knowledge to prevent malicious access to their credentials or cloud computing tools. The training should help them quickly identify threats and respond appropriately. Teach them how to create better and stronger passwords, what social engineering looks like, and shadow IT risks.

Implement Cloud Security Policies

All companies must have documented guidelines that specify the proper usage, access, and storage practices for data in the cloud. The policies should lay down the security best practices required in all cloud operations and the automation tools that can be used to enforce the same to prevent breaches and data losses.

A Gathering of Cloud Security Minds

Knowledge sharing and collaboration in cloud security should never be underestimated. At Cloudride, we are at the forefront of fostering meaningful conversations and partnerships that buttress the collective defense against cyber threats. 

We encourage you to participate in this webinar to leverage this unique opportunity to create connections and learn from the best minds in the industry. 

We'll provide an A-Z comprehensive overview of cloud security, cloud-native threats, and critical insights into cutting-edge security practices employed today.




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